Öhlins TTX25 Revalve Kit

$ 250.00

Revalve Kit for Öhlins TTX25 Shocks (Kit 1)

Each Öhlins revalve kit comes with parts needed to revalve 2 shocks with any available Öhlins valving.  Over the years TTX25 shocks have always come stock with the large bleed low speed adjuster and either 10 N/mm or 20 N/mm high speed poppet springs.  Therefore, each kit contains the following items:

  • 1 liter of Öhlins damper fluid
  • End Adjusters (small bleed diameter)
  • Adjustment Needles (small bleed diameter)
  • High Speed Valve Springs (4 each of 10 N/mm, 20 N/mm, and 30 N/mm)

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