Shock Rebuild (per shock)

$ 200.00

If your shocks have 35 or more hours of service, then it is time to have them rebuilt back to factory specifications. Each shock is completely disassembled and inspected for wear and damage. If we any problems are found, you will be notified to discuss the problem and cost. If everything is normal, your shocks are reassembled with new o-rings, oil and a valve code dependent gas pressure before being tested on our dynamometer. Each shock is tuned to meet our performance specifications. Dyno curve data is provided for each shock. This price does not include the replacement of any worn or damaged parts.

Includes free valve code change if desired.

**This price does not include the replacement of any worn and/or damaged major shock parts**

Note: It is our policy not to do any service on shocks that do not have steel shafts, unless they are being upgraded to steel shafts.

                           **Shock Rebuild lead time is a minimum of 4 weeks**

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