Steering Rack

$ 670.00

High quality steering racks from Kaz Technologies are now available. We have teamed up with Earnhardt Technologies Group to design and build a high quality steering rack for FSAE and small racing classes. Check out the features, specs and accessories!


• Front and rear low friction bushings on pinion gear shafts provide the support to eliminate lash
• Same low friction bushings guide the rack through to provide smooth operation while eliminating lash.
• Pinion shaft and rack seals to keep the dirt and moisture out.
• Adjustable trunnion blocks along the rack tubes provide multiple mounting options and rack rigidity.
• 1/4-28 internal threaded rack extensions allow for a clevis or rod end of your choice.
• Total rack travel may be limited by machining custom stops for your steering requirements.
• Adjustable rack preload and lash.

• Optional integrated steering sensor.

• Rack comes with clevises, 1/4″ top hats, mounts, and hardware.

• Weight: 3 lbs
• Maximum Rack Travel: 3.25 inches with standard rack extensions and 1/8 inch stops
• 3.25 inch rack travel at 248 degrees of pinion rotation
• The rack ratio is 4.71" of rack travel per revolution

• High Performance Steering Sensor
• Race Quality Pinion U-joint

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